Founder and Director
The founder and director of Calis Projects.
Founder and owner of Calis Projects. Lead game designer and Developer.

A budding game developer from an early age, using RPG Maker to role play as a game developer, Neo-Dragon formed Calis Projects in 2005 as a label to put his Pokemon fan games under.

In 2010 Calis Projects became a registered business in his hometown of Dublin and releasing it's first commercial game, ZENFORMS: Protectors in 2012.

Enjoys programming.

Developers of Calis Projects Games.
Lead Map Designer and Writer.

Joining the team in 2014 to write storyline for ZENFORMS: Protectors, -Evenstar- then took on the role as lead map designer for the game, designing fun and interesting places for players to explore.

Fianceé of Neo-Dragon.
Lead ZENFORM Designer and Artist.

Came here as a fan and now is designing ZENFORMS. KronicK led the design on the Nebula ZENFORMS that were added to Version 1.3 of ZENFORMS: Protectors and is now the lead ZENFORM designer for any future ZENFORMS to come.

Designs nice icons and fanart to this day.