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Version 1.3.4 (released January 16th 2017) - Neo-Dragon - 01-16-2017

[Image: 16113074_1068922169919803_13579694581663...e=591221CC]


Full Changelog:
New: Unique quest called "Nurse In The Void" is in Duvlynn North.
New: Daily Echo Battle Leaderboards. Earn Nebula Energy by competing against other players in Ranked Echo Battles every day! Everyone get's at least 5 Energy just for competing.
New: Everyone who battles or is battled against in an Echo Battle League Season will get +5 Nebula Energy when it finishes.
New: Sign up to the online functions, the CP Garden, is much easier and can all be done within the app. No longer required to set up a valid profile through the game forum.
New: Common Side Quest types - Capture ZENFORM. Evolve ZENFORM. Mystery Trade. These will appear in the Daily Quests too!
New: Quest User Interface improvements.
New: Updated colors and look to the CP Garden.
New: You can change your CP Garden Username at any time in the Your Settings menu.
New: New Nebula Portal opening animation.
New: Local ZENFORM Storage increased from 20 to 24.
New: Animation changed for "expression" pop up.
New: Cheat detection system.
New: Improved matchmaking for ranked battles.
New: Mystery Trade will now ask to confirm a trade before starting it.
New: Leaderboards for Ranked and League Echo battles will show up after a battle.
Fix: Echo Battle League winners will be given correct amount of Nebula Energy when the league finishes on the 2st of each month.
Fix: The Abilities Fire Wall, Water Wall, Earth Wall, and Wind Wall have all been corrected.
Fix: Abel will correctly give NaV Slino or NaV Freno.
Fix: Stand On Event types will no longer trigger incorrect events.
Fix: Battling the first masked Revolution member has been fixed.

RE: Version 1.3.4 (released January 16th 2017) - BadGamer - 03-02-2017

Heart Heart Heart

RE: Version 1.3.4 (released January 16th 2017) - Underveil - 04-15-2017

I heard you're working on another game. What is it?

RE: Version 1.3.4 (released January 16th 2017) - Neo-Dragon - 04-18-2017

(04-15-2017, 04:41 PM)Underveil Wrote: I heard you're working on another game. What is it?

I'll let you know very soon. By the summer time I should have news.