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Helpful Spawn Spots
I'm currently trying to get through today and yesterday's daily quests and am having the worst time finding any blue Slinos. The Frexs were easy to find in the one cave, but these Slinos are giving me a really tough time. 

Does anyone have any pointers on where the best place to look for those guys might be?
I was getting blue slinos at cozade road lower earlier. I got to 11 before my phone died and I forgot to save during that time Sad
Good idea for a thread! I don't want to help since I designed the game but I'd love to see what the community can come up with to help each other out....

Do you guys want a tip? 
Did you see today's quest- it's Defeat 5 Slinshell. Any color and any battle counts... This means Echo Battles count.
For quests like this, you could organize working together as a community. Have someone create a team of as many Slinshell as possible, ideally weak Slinshell. They sign into the CP Garden which will then sync their team to the server.
The community then goes into Search (top left of the CP Garden) and types in their forum name. You then free Echo Battle (tapping Echo Battle on their profile) that player and build up your wins/defeating the Slinshell. You will now have just worked together as a community to make grinding quests easier Smile.

[Image: jals.png]
Add me as a Fav. Player in the CP Garden!

I noticed that and was curious if it meant echo battles as well. Kinda figured it did when I also saw it was only like 10 or 15 points for the quest.

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