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Nebula Energy "Overflow"
Sometimes our quests for Nebula Energy will provide slightly more energy than some of us need to fill the 100 NE requirement for the Nebula Zenform battle. Unfortunately we lose the extra NE. It would be pretty cool if we were able to keep that extra NE and carry it over to be used the next time the 100 energy is needed. Smile

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I think Mr. Neo does that so that you can't get an entire team full of Nebulae in 4 days.
What I learned from Zenforms: The most efficient method of killing someone is to antagonize them.
Hehe I think that would only happen if you earned enough Nebula Energy for it though. Which in that case, would make sense for you to be able to. Everyone has the same quests each day. Same amount of NE. So why not make the most of every point in case you don't want a certain Nebula Zenform offered that week but you don't want to waste your quest NE?

Raise the capacity for Nebula Energy a little so it is not ridiculously endless/abuseable? For example..somewhere around 120 to 150 (just throwing out numbers here). It isn't enough to use more than maybe twice a week (if you have that much energy to use), but it can allow you to complete your NE quests and not lose some energy.. while also freeing some spaces for ingame quests in case you are backed up on NE Quests *coughs guiltily* 

Of course, this is merely a suggestion. Smile

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I agree. It would be nice to add 150 nebula energy so that way we can have at most 50 left over for the next nebula zenforms.

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