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Echo Battle Records Reset Has Gone Live
[Image: CyWsyGnXUAEg3yi.jpg]

Hello, everyone!

Echo Battle Record Reset.
I wanted to inform you all that thanks to the error in a recent update, the Echo Battle records on player profiles, including my own (pictured), have been reset to 0.
I know it can be annoying for anyone who was trying to get high "Win"/"W" numbers (like me) but it was necessary. 

Pressing on to Version 1.4.
On a side note, Version 1.3.3, the current version on the iOS App Store, is in good condition to the point I feel I can move passed bug fixing updates and focus on the next major update, Version 1.4. I am aware of some bugs still popping up and any corrections will be part of 1.4.
The plan is to have Version 1.4 out really fast. Version 1.4 will add the next storyline chapter, some new side quests, and various smaller changes across the board.
Version 1.4 will NOT bring any Adult evolutions for the players (I know people keep asking).
I'm aiming to have 1.4 ready for the Christmas holidays or just shortly into the new year, you won't be waiting 15 months or so like you did with Version 1.3... So I'm looking at about 3-4 weeks of development time, but that may stretch as it's never straight forward designing content for a game.

Update changelog.
I also plan on creating a small sub-forum here in the Official News section detailing the Version releases/updates. It will act as a "record keeper" for updates. It will contain full change logs. Any bug fixes or new content will be listed, that also includes any edits to current content. The goal will be for us as a community to have an easy way of viewing everything that was added/edited/removed with each update and help us keep track. Imagine I change some attacks and making them more/less powerful. I wouldn't want you wondering what happened so keeping a list will help keep you informed and stay on top of the competition. 
This sub-forum should be live very soon.

[Image: jals.png]
Add me as a Fav. Player in the CP Garden!

The Version Change log forum has gone live:

[Image: jals.png]
Add me as a Fav. Player in the CP Garden!

Thanks for his! I can't wait for the next update! It would be a good Holliday present lol
Great, I don't need a Christmas present anymore!

And the sub quests are awesome ideas
HeartShadowGlobe Heart

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