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Version 1.3 (Released 11 Nov. 20126)

  1. Version 1.3 is the next big version to the game.
  2. The game has been recoded from the ground up.
  3. New storyline chapter. Continue your adventure and try find out the plans behind the Revolution.
  4. All new Newborn ZENFORM, Que, with Child and Adolescent evolutions. Each one coming in 4 colors and with their own movesets and Abilities.
  5. Nebula ZENFORM. All new, legendary style Adult ZENFORMS. Accessed through the CP Garden.
  6. Side Quests.
  7. Fast Travel system.
  8. New service offered by Admin Protectors Christine and Carol Ann: Alt/SP Conversion. Convert Alt to SP and vice versa!
  9. Revamped CP Garden (online mode), with Daily Quests, Weekend Giveaways, and a monthly Echo Battle League season.
  10. Online storage for ZENFORMS, SP, and Alt. Combining this with a new login function, you can access Your Vault across your other iOS devices.
  11. And much, much more.
  12. There is so much more I didn't mention. Search for ZENFORMS on social media and join the community and discuss what has changed.
  13. Remember, it's just one guy working on this, me, Neo-Dragon.
  14. I love you guys and gals!

[Image: jals.png]
Add me as a Fav. Player in the CP Garden!


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