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Cheaters Beware, update on new version.
Hello, Protectors and wannabe Revolution Members. 
This is a short announcement today but it's one that will hopefully make everyone happy.

Cheaters Beware

Do you cheat in ZENFORMS: Protectors? Hack ZENFORM? Give yourself a ton of Alt/SP? Well, don't use the CP Garden.
The CP Garden is the online social space for ZENFORMS: Protectors. It's a small but dedicated community and we don't take kindly to people who give themselves an unfair advantage through hacking of stats. 
Thanks to the CP Garden being all on the SERVER, I've issued an update without the need for you to update your actual game app file.
This update is a new "Ban" system.
If you are caught cheating or using hacked ZENFORM, you are automatically banned. 
You will not be able to log back into the CP Garden.
Worry not if you want to change your ways. While the CP Garden will ban you, it will not be fully enforced until the next update, Version 1.3.4. You can still hack your game back to normal levels/delete the hacked ZENFORM.

Matchmaking Improvements

Are you not a cheater? Good. Have you seen a cheater thanks to Ranked Echo Battles? That's my bad.
I've had reports of some players being forced to lose battles thanks to being matched with a cheater in a Ranked Echo Battle. This just ruins the fun as you cannot remove that loss from your profile.
I've now made improvements to matchmaking to stop it finding anyone who is cheating. 99% of the time you won't find a cheater. There may still be 1% though and I'm working on ways to report from within the game any cheaters that the SERVER didn't spot.
These matchmaking changes are currently implemented now Wink

Version 1.4 delayed, Version 1.3.4 has replaced it

Version 1.4, the next big update that adds another storyline chapter has been delayed and put on hold for now.
Instead, it's been replaced with Version 1.3.4.
I'll have more information on 1.3.4 very soon, but it will still have cool content, like a new unique quest, new side quests in the CP Garden Daily Quest mode, and much more. 
I'm also looking at new Online Event types and ways for you all to earn more Nebula Energy so you can open more portals Wink.
The goal is to spend a small bit more time on 1.4's storyline chapter (make sure I get it right), but still give cool features and content very soon thanks to 1.3.4's release. I was aiming for a release date before Christmas but it may be delayed into very early next year. I'll be sure to tell you when I post the 1.3.4 thread.

[Image: jals.png]
Add me as a Fav. Player in the CP Garden!


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