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Puff's art dump.

So instead of drawing my current team, I drew what I want my team to look like, in the near future.

I found all the adult stage leaks I could, and picked my favorite ones. To be honest, I like them all, but anything chubby/weird
 is an instant yes from me.

Also, Gaia crystals are really fun to draw.

[Image: 82ca262c60.png]

I dunno what they're called, or what adolescent they evolve from, but heck do I love them.

I've decided to name them Laddie and Boddie, just because I like those names.

Boddie's actually the name of my super-friendly but sorta-scary Bodpike. I kinda hope Bodpike evolves into that axolotl/salamander thing, if not, I'll just get whatever adolescent it does evolve from and name it "Boddie".

What are your favorite adults so far? Which do you plan on getting, and why?

my mum says im cool

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