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Quest lag/glitch out of game
So I exept the quest from the move 
Tutor to find his book. So i go off on my quest
To find his book i walk into the café and find the guy who has the book
I had no problem wining the book i go back 
To the move tutor i talk to him everything is going good i turn in the quest my reward pops up it says 
(Claim it) i tap it and boom lag out everytime i don't know why but it just dose 
So i go on into my game without the move
Tutor I finish the game i log into the CP Garden 
And everyone has moves that are over powered that do half my health and heals them intirely 
I love Zenform's but this has really messed up Experience with the game its messing up my ranking intirly 
And i hope you can get this lag/glitch fixed and keep up the great work with this amazing game.

P.S can't wait for chapter 5

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