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Development of Shape Ship
This development blog is a behind the scenes look at how and why I made Shape Ship. 
Why did I make a game like it as my second ever commercial game and follow-up to a game that was a huge chunk of my life (ZENFORMS: Protectors, which has active development for 6 years). 

Generic information on the game

Shape Ship is a fun, arcade-style, endless runner type of game.
It was developed in about a week and is Calis Projects' second ever commercial game release.
It can be downloaded for

Google Play (Android):

Apple App Store (iOS/iPhone/iPad):

First, why now?

ZENFORMS: Protectors, my 2D adventure RPG game, started to see a drastic decrease in game sales and in-app purchases. Version 1.3 launched and had the highest user retention the game ever experienced. This means more players were coming back to the game each day... But no new players were really coming in.
I decided I needed to work on another project and put ZENFORMS on hold for a while. I have a family to support. 
I downloaded the game engine Unity and took the "learn as I go" approach. While I've messed with Unity in the past, I've never actually really "made" anything with it. 
I sat down with a new found energy for game development... It's always exciting starting a new project.
After brainstorming ideas and concepts, I partnered up with the Lead ZENFORM Designer, KronicK, and began working on a game we thought would take us 3-4 months to complete.
Skip forward to April, 4 months in and the project is nowhere near done. 
I decided to take a 2-3 week break and start on another smaller project and that became Shape Ship.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Shape Ship, a game that was designed to be simple but fun to play.
Now, I know Shape Ship isn't unique, or even the most visually impressive game. 
The concept for the gameplay was to have a portrait game that can be played with one hand, unlike ZENFORMS which is played in landscape (sideways) and you need both hands to play it.
The concept for the look of the game was to use nothing but simple shapes.
It took me only 8 hours to get basic gameplay working. This included the ship and the randomly spawning track.

The ship drives like a car. It moves forward, always. You move sideways by changing the forward facing rotation and the ship moves forward in that direction. 
I also went in the direction to make the movement of the rotation SUPER sensitive/reactive to input. By making the ship rotate very quickly, the difficulty level shot up. Holding your touch on the screen is not a good idea. A simple tap works best.

I found the hardest part of the project was doing EVERYTHING other than the basic gameplay. Adding in-app purchases, adding the UI, and setting up everything needed for the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
It sounds silly but getting screenshots and writing your "store listing" (what you see in the stores when you go to download the game) is tough and can be very draining if you just enjoy making the "game". 

Although it's simple I'm proud to have Shape Ship as the second ever, true, Calis Projects game.
It's free, so be sure to give it a try if you haven't. If you are on iOS I even threw in a ZENFORMS advert Big Grin.

So there is another project in the works... The one that you  and KronicK are working on together?
Yup... and I teased it with this:
[Image: MV7Dr6Y.gif]

We call him Curtis, the Calamari. This tease is an art tease of the character and shows nothing of the gameplay of the project.
If I had to say what time of this game is or "who is it for" I'd put it almost in the middle of Shape Ship and ZENFORMS: Protectors. It's aimed as being kinda casual but hopefully, will have depth for more hardcore players.
More info on this project soon!

Remember. Support these projects and I can return to finish ZENFORMS!

[Image: jals.png]
Add me as a Fav. Player in the CP Garden!

I do really enjoy Zenforms, it is what has kept me interested for a long time even if the updates take some time. Though I would totally kill (metaphorically) for the next  update, I do understand the importance of putting monies in the pocket. I downloaded Ship Shape to try it out and its very difficult xD Not impossible I think, but its worth a shot for certain. I'm especially curious about Curtis the Calamari because ANIMATION! His tentacly appendage and squid-stache is movin'! It looks very smooth and the character himself is cute. Smile

So! Because I love you and Evenstar so much... what is the best way to support your projects? In-App Purchases aside Smile those are a given.

[Image: 2m7anir.jpg]
I have to agree with Lady Kyda! However we can support you guys we will obviously to speed up the process on those Zenform updates hahaha!

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