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Accidently overwrite save file - HELP!
I wasnt too far at the game, obly short after you can go to the shop and buy crystals. But when i catched a rare zenform and one woth good stats, I decided to buy the blue zenform for 2,29€ (on ios device) and continued playing. But with that zenform, it was way too easy to fight. So i decided to make another save. At least I thought that i made snother one. The save slots made me think taht

I alread had a cp garden profile (same name as in forum here), but i didnt know you need 2 numbers to use it. If there is no way in restoring my save file, i'm gonna request a restore in app purchase via email at apple, so i only wasted my time abd not my money as well. I like your game but pls add the function to have multiple save files and maybe make a message that tells you that you will delete your existing gamw file when you click on new game, which is next to continue. Are the CP garden numbers somehow saved on the device? If yes, where can I find them? Thanks in advance, a frustrated protector
Die I made a new cp garden account and i have already better zenforms than the bought one from my old save. I dont need the old save file anymore - but i'd like a refund or at least the nebula energy on my new account (Inucent)

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