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Ability Thread
While we're on the subject, when is speed useful in zenforms other than quickly finishing someone on low health?

So I'm still on topic:

An ability that takes action when the user is angry. It couldn't be as powerful as poison backlash because there are several great moves that make the user angry but it would open up some interesting options. 

Abilities like these will also stop people purely using Antagonise/Don't Move In future updates to whittle down opponents while tanking damage (tactics which in turn will make Team Bless and Vulnerable Dust far too important.) 
Good suggestion Ranibowtear.

As for speed.
Speed is vital. 
Quickly finishing someone off is best for "Priority" of an attack. An attack that is "fast" will generally hit first, regardless of speed. Think of any attacks that are fast (view attack info and look in the top right of the pop up window) as "quick attack" from Pokemon.
Always check a move "priority". They can be "Fast", "Normal", or "Slow". As you might guess, "Slow" moves generally hit last in the turn order. 
If ZENFORMS use moves with the same attack priority, speed is used to calculate the turn order.

Speed also adds to your chance of dodging and your chance of a critical hit. 
A high speed stat will give you better odds of avoiding an attack while also landing a killer one!

[Image: jals.png]
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I did not know that last bit. That's a game changer!
Has anyone created a good use for abilities that treat normal attacks like elemental attacks?

Neo, do you plan on adding weather changing moves like sandstorm from Pokemon?
Sorry I never replied to that Lolleh. 
I do plan on adding weather changing moves, but most likely not until I get the weather system totally right. I feel it's not what it should be like right now. I want it to feel (and look) better in and out of battle. I need to spend some time on the system, which I don't think I'll be doing for a while.....

[Image: jals.png]
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How about abilities Tailored towards beating specific species?

For Example:

Rinba Slayer: Zenform deals 20% more damage to the Rinba family.

Or maybe even just color:

Blue Battler: Zenform deals extra damage to Blue Zenforms.

I'm not good with naming these so feel free to do with them what you will provided you use them!
Krowe, that's a great idea and I can tell you I've already got the "family" Abilities in the game, named Freno Rival, Slino Rival, and Rinba Rival.
  • Name = 064: Rinba Rival
  • Description = Attack is raised by 30% when battling Rinba or evolution in Rinba's family..
  • Status = CONFIRMED
  • Name = 065: Slino Rival
  • Description = Attack is raised by 30% when battling Slino or evolution in Slino's family..
  • Status = CONFIRMED
  • Name = 066: Freno Rival
  • Description = Attack is raised by 30% when battling Freno or evolution in Freno's family..
  • Status = CONFIRMED

Now, you may notice if you look at the first post that only 50 are listed.
Those 50 are the original 50 designed when Abilities were added, including what I've ALREADY added into 1.3, that list in now up to 85!
I'll spend some time tomorrow letting you all know the Abilities (some were going to be used for special giveaway ZENFORMS during 1.2). 

[Image: jals.png]
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How about:
Rinba Rival?
Freno Foe?
Slino Saboteur?
Nebula/NaV Nemesis?

I've got nothing for Que.
(02-17-2015, 04:27 AM)Unbiased Judgement Wrote: How about:
Rinba Rival?
Freno Foe?
Slino Saboteur?

Updated the names to that. Very clever using alliteration for it. Sounds better. 

  • Name = 086: NaV Nemesis
  • Description = Attack is raised by 30% when battling a NaV ZENFORM (stacks).
  • Status = CONFIRMED

By "(stacks)" it means if you are battling 2 ZENFORMS at the same time, 2 NaVs, the ability counts each battler, so you'll get a 60% boost.... 
An ability that I'm sure will be handy in Echo Battles, especially if double battles are added.

Against what I said yesterday, I've decided NOT to list all of the new Abilities until AFTER 1.3 is released.
Just like with Que, I want the excitement to be there for you when you download the update and discover the new stuff yourself. 
I want there to be excitement to not just see the look of a new ZENFORM, but also to be eager to check out it's Ability and what attacks it can learn.
The part of design and coding I'm doing now is ensuring the new ZENFORMS feel good to actually use, with Abilities and movesets that compliment each other. I'm putting a lot of effort into that. 

I know without seeing designs it will be hard for you to create specific abilities for specific ZENFORMS, but I'm more asking for ideas of what you'd like to see, rather than "What should purple Que have?".

Keep suggesting Abilities and if they clash/match with a new one, I'll let you know.

[Image: jals.png]
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Contagious: If poisoned ZENFORM's opponent is also poisoned.

And there is Fast Gainer but how about Fast Learner? Passive stats increase faster 10% maybe?

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